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Omdurman 1898

The Battle of Omdurman took place in the Sudan in September 1898. The British and Egyptian forces under Lord Kitchener defeated the forces of the Mahdi. This range will build to allow the collector to represent the battle in 1/30th scale.

Cavalry figures £55ea.

Cavalry figures £55ea.

Cameron Highlander hollow square. Figures £30ea. Flag bearer £TBA

Cameron Highlander Command Group figures. £30ea. Flag bearer £TBA

Cameron Highlander firing line figures. £30ea.

Cameron Highlander firing line variation figures. £30ea.

Cameron Highlander sergeants. £30ea.

Cameron Highlander Officer, mounted.

Highland figures £30ea

Mahdist foot figures £25ea


Mounted figs £55ea

Mahdist foot and flag figures £35ea

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