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Great Britain went to war with Egypt in 1882. The most famous battle was Tel El Kebir fought next to the suez canal. As result of the Egyptian defeat, this former enemy joined forces with Great Britain in subsequent battles with the Mahdi. This Heritage range includes Egyptains, British in redcoats and Naval Brigade troops, with more additions planned.

South Staffordshire Regment firing line.

The 1st Battalion of The South Staffordshire Regiment was sent to Egypt in 1882 as part of the British invasion of the country. On landing in Alexandria, it carried its colours through the city - this was the last occasion on which a British Army unit carried colours on active service. In 1885, the battalion travelled up the River Nile to Sudan in an unsuccessful attempt to lift the Siege of Khartoum The battalion was subsequently involved in the defeat of Arab forces at Kirbekan.

South Staffordshire Regmental marker flag/casualty vignette.

South Staffordshire Command Figures.

South Staffordshire Firing Line Figures.

South Staffordshire/Naval Brigade Flag/casualty vignette.

South Staffordshire/Naval Brigade casualty vignette.

Regular Egyptian Army (can be supplied with Remington rilfes).

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